Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Are you a gambler or an Investor?

I have noticed that there is almost a parallel reaction between telling someone you are/want to be a professional gambler/investor. I remember telling one of my friends that my ambition was to be a professional gambler it was met with a snort of derision and humour.
'Make sure you have a back up plan."
"That's risky business."
"Is that a real job?"
Were some of his comments. Even after I explained how I had two years of success in my previous betting. I explained how I approached my bets with diligent research and analysis.I explained the concept of finding value in odds. My friends mind was already made up GAMBLING IS BAD.
When speaking to my friend a few months later I told him that I had decided I wanted to be a professional investor and that I had already had some previous successes with my investments.This news was met with a nod of approval from my friend.
"Smart move."
"There is a lot of money to be made if your sharp."
"That's a solid career path."

So what does a professional gambler do?
He/She analyzes their chosen sports market and invests where they predict there is value.
What does a investor do?
He/She analyzes a chosen market and invests where they predict there is value.
So really the only difference between the two is the public perception of the word "gambler" and "Investor."
There are both profitable and unprofitable "Investors" as are there "gamblers", bad and good, intelligent and unintelligent. I am not on a crusade to promote the word "gambler", to purge it from the murky depths that it dwells. All I would say that is whether you would call yourself an "investor" or a "gambler" just make sure that you are good at what you do. Don't wildly gamble take pride in what you are doing, respect it and take the time to research your bets.



  1. Very true. Excellent write up there is a lot of negativity surrounding the word gambler.

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